Our latest project was to create an iProduct for Apple. We had to come up with an original idea and try to market it as an actual Apple product, I decided to make a gaming console.

First of all I had to draw a concept of the console in my book, then I had to outline it in black to make it stand out more. I had to write a lot of specs for it as well as what I wanted to include on it.

Then it got scanned into the computer whereupon I had to try and recreate it in Photoshop, during this stage I cut out various things on the product that I didn’t think would fit very well.

I also had to make a questionnaire in order to gather peoples opinions on the product and to discern what needed to change in order to make it successful.

I also had to make a Facebook page and Tweet in order to make it seem official, these were simple photoshops and not actual things.

Once the powerpoint was complete I had to present my product in front of the class, showing off it’s specs and responding to feedback. Overall I think it went quite well and was probably one of the better presentations in the class. Though I wish the concept drawing and photoshops were of a little better quality as I felt they didn’t look good enough.



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