Film and Podcast I

For our latest project we have to make a short film and podcast, I had what I thought was a really good idea for the short film, although I still am not sure what to do for a podcast. I had planned to start filming this week, however my friend who I was going to film with was only able to come round on the Tuesday, then his bike broke down and he couldn’t come round anymore. He also wasn’t available for the rest of the week nor the week following, so this is quite a set back. Hopefully I’ll be able find a way around this problem.

Film and Podcast I

Genre film Planning

Genre Film Planning

For my Genre film I wanted to make a slasher, this meant that I had to find the right props, location and lighting.

For my location I’ll want an outside area, preferably a woods where there is a lot of cover, however I would also like there to be some buildings nearby so that I could incorporate them into my film. The woods at the park close to my home might work, but there is a lack of buildings in close proximity to it. There is also an area in the college that is by some woods and has some buildings near it, however it isn’t very large so I wouldn’t have much space to work with. Another option would be to use the common in Bletchingley as I have friends there who could help me, however it is quite far away and transporting the equipment could be a problem, my friends may also not be available for the film.

As for props I will need a weapon for the killer, as well as a mask and perhaps a few other small bits and pieces. For the weapons I plan to have three, two for the killer and one for the victims. The general idea being that the killer uses one of the weapons to kill the majority of the victims, before switching to the second weapon for the final kill and the victims only getting their weapon close to the end. Other props I would need include a mask for the killer to wear in order to conceal their identity. I may also need to get some torches and dummy cameras in order to make it seem more like a found footage film, which is what I am aiming to recreate.

For the lighting, I wanted to have it as dark as possible. To do this I’ll need to shoot late in the day when there isn’t much light left or artificially darken the film in post. The issue with doing this is that the film may become too dark to be able to see things properly, shooting in the dark will also present challenges as I would have to constantly make sure that there was enough light surrounding the actors so that they would be visible and the lighting around them would be clear enough so that you could see everything necessary.

In the end I think I will do a slasher film. I will probably have to film it at day in order to have good lighting. I will likely use that space by the college to shoot, despite it being smaller as it has the landscape I want to use, I will just need to be careful how I use my shots so as to make the area seem larger then it is. As for props I know that a classmate has some that he will be bringing in for his film, I will see if I can borrow some of his, otherwise I can supply the mask myself.

Genre film Planning

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

For a while now I’ve been working on a CWACOM project, in the project I had to add my own dub to a scene from the film, this meant deleting the original audio and adding my own, which I did in Logic Pro X.

I recieved some peer feedback for my project and generally people seemed happy with it. Some people thought that some of the dialogue was too loud compared to some of the others and at points the syncing seemed off.

Most people seemed happy with the syncing of the sound effects however as I put a lot of effort into making sure that they matched as perfectly as possible, this was not possible with the dialogue due to errors from the voice actors and a difference in pace

It was rather easy to match up the sound effects, though at time it got a little annoying as there would be a large amount of effects in one area and syncing them all up became a bit of a pain

Sometimes effects would be to quiet or they wouldn’t match up well and it would become really difficult to try and make them louder or make them stand out more. In the end, I found that I couldn’t really get it to work, so I left them as they were. Hopefully people noticed them in the final product.

Overall I am happy with my CWACOM project, there were some things that could have gone better, such as the syncing and sound volume, but despite that I think it went well. If I could change anything it would probably be the time that we went out to get sound effects. I feel that in the end we didn’t get enough a great enough range of sound effects and that ended up harming my final product.

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs