Short Film Evaluation

Recently we had to make a short film for one of our projects. They could be based upon anything, so long as it was possible to record it. We had to gather video and audio ourselves. Once we had completed that we then had to edit it down into a film of at least 5 minutes.

For my film I decided to try and recreate an old slasher/horror film, I gathered up some props, such as a mask for the person who would end up playing the murderer and a fake axe, which I borrowed off of a friend, also for use by the murderer. I also got a fake sword for use by the main protagonist, as well as a battle axe, for use of the villain.

For my actors, I used some friends I had in my class. They did various jobs, from acting in the film to helping record the audio and video. I had to occasionaly swap out people on the sound/video side as they were not always available on the days that I was shooting the film.

Acting went well, the actors all did what they were supposed to and listened to what I had to tell them, sometimes they would ad-lib various parts and this actually worked out much better then I thought it would. The camera and audio people all listened to my instructions they moved to the best locations to get a shot while also keeping the boom out of the picture.

Editing went rather smoothly, it was quite easy to edit as I just had to put the clips in order and then cut out the unnecessary video before syncing up the sound and adding some effects, some of the effects I added were, keyframe fades, transitions, video speed up and slow down and title cards. All of this was done in Adobe Premiere CS6. I also used Adobe Audition a little bit to try and edit the audio, though not to the same extent as Premiere.

I had a few issues when making my film. I found that the actors sometimes had trouble focusing, there were occasions when they’d get a little hyperactive and end up distracted from production, luckily it wasn’t too hard to rein them in again. I also found while editing that a lot of the audio recorded on the boom hadn’t turned out well, this was a serious problem for me as it meant I had to rely on the cameras audio which had a lot of unwanted background noise in it. There were occasions where my actors would be unavailable or where I would be helping someone else with their film. This meant there were periods of time that I was unable to do work on my own project, which hindered me, although not severly. I also had a small issue with the script, it wasn’t a bad script but once filming was done and I got all the footage in premiere, I quickly discovered that I didn’t have enough footage. This meant that I had to go out on another day to shoot some more footage in order to pad out the run time of my film, which took up time that I would have rather used for editing.

Overall I think the project went reasonably well. I was able to accomplish everything that I set out to do and was relatively pleased with how it turned out in the end. there were things that I felt could have been improved, like time management which due to holdups and poor planning, lead to my project being turned in a little later then it should have been, as well as audio which really proved troublesome for me. However there were things that I was really happy with as well. There were several shots in the film that I thought were done well, I was really pleased with how they turned out, such as the shot of Theo running away and then tripping on the cable in the ground. In the end, I think that I did some things quite well, while I could improve upon other things, either way this project has been a valuable learning experience.

Short Film Evaluation

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