BAFTA Young Game Designer Competition

We have an interesting project where we need to sign up for a game design competition run by BAFTA, it can be about pretty much anything, I look forward to this topic as I hope to enter game design.

I’ve already had a few ideas for my game, such as setting, characters, mechanics and features. I think I’m going to make my concept a Horror game, similar to the Corpse Party series, only with a bunch of features that I’ve thought about. First of all would be a character customizer, so that the player can get more attached to their character. Another thing I’ve thought about adding is a reputation system which I think I would call ‘affection’ a player with a higher affection rating among their class would be more easily able to get them to trust them while someone with a lower reputation would be more likely to be attacked on site. I also want to add lots of choice to the game, so you could come across a situation in the game and there would be four or five different ways to solve it, each one affecting what the outcome of the game could be.

I hope I am able to properly flesh out my concept and I hope BAFTA choose mine as the winner.

BAFTA Young Game Designer Competition

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