BAFTA continued

I recently read the Terms and Conditions for the BAFTA competition, I noticed that one of the requirements was that the game had to have a maximum age rating of twelve. This is bad for me as I originally planned to make a concept for a horror game. However I believe that I will be able to retool my concept as a puzzle/adventure game while keeping many of the core aspects of it the same. The setting, goal and characters could all stay the same, as well as many of the mechanics I had planned. They’d just need to be tweaked to work with the new direction. For instance, the affection feature that I had planned could remain the same, only people that don’t trust you, instead of betraying you would rather give you mis-information while you searched for your goal, I could counter this where, having a low affection would make some people trust you more easily, say delinquents may give you helpful information that you couldn’t recieve otherwise. While this setback will make things a little harder for me, I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something to keep the core idea of the game the same.

BAFTA continued

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