FMP part 3 Presentation

For our FMP we had to do a project pitch and present it in front of our class. My pitch was for a video game that I hope to create a level of for my final major project. In the presentation I detailed what I hoped to include in the final level, this ranged from the features I wanted to include to some ideas I had for the art style. I talked about the different camera angles I could have for a 2D game, for instance a top down camera or a sidescroller. I mentioned that I wanted to include some supernatural aspect to the game, either as a theme or a feature. One idea I had to incorporate a supernatural element was to have a mysterious creature chase you as you completed the platforming segment of the game. As for what the final level of the game would contain, I thought perhaps a platforming segment followed by a part in which you would have to search for a key to open a door. Otherwise there could perhaps be a part where you have to hide from the creature as you try to make your way to the end of a corridor or room of some sort.

I also detailed the equipment that I would need to use, this included Unity 5 and a few other tools that I would need to complete my game. Aside from that I also had to detail what issues I might have with production, I included issues such as my relative inexperience with Unity, failure of technology such as one of the macs breaking down and bugs and errors in the coding of the game holding me back while I went about fixing them

I also had a timetable so that I could plan out how long everything would take me. I believe that my Timetable is good and clear enough that it shows how I want the weeks to progress.

Overall I think my presentation went fairly well, I got across what I wanted to do rather well and I think my goals for the project are realistic and reachable. I was asked a few questions once I was done mainly questions asking how I would learn the program, to which I responded with using tutorials. Someone else asked me which scripting language I planned to use and how I would learn it. I responded saying that I would likely use UnityScript and that Unity has some basic scripts in it that I can easily drop into place, I can also watch tutorials on how to make my own script if need be.


FMP part 3 Presentation

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