FMP part 3

Over the weekend I spent more time working on my FMP, I spent the majority of the time placing in new platforms and some basic traps, in order to make the course a challenge for players.

At the moment most of the traps are either basic pitfalls, where there is a fake floor that doesn’t have a collision mesh, so people just fall right through. The other trap gives people several routes to pick from, though only one actually has a collision mesh, if people choose the wrong block in the route then they fall.

As I develop the game more and more I would like to implement some more complex traps, for instance one idea I wanted to use was to have platforms falling out from underneath the players as they jump on them. I also wanted to implement some kind of enemy chasing the player later on in the level however I currently do not have a model for this enemy nor do I have an idea for how to introduce it into the level. If I do get it implemented then it will probably float after the player, ignoring the platforms. This is to prevent it from accidentaly falling down at any point.

FMP part 3

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