FMP Planning & Pre-Production

FMP Planning & Pre-Production

My plan for my FMP is to create a game, to do this I will be using the Unity engine, more specifically I will be using Unity 5. I will use Unity because there are a lot of tutorials out online for me to learn from unlike other free engines such as the Godot engine. It will also be free so I won’t have to worry about subscription fees or saving up to buy a good version like the RPG Maker series of engines.

Using the schedule that I made for my power-point presentation I will set myself goals to complete for this project, I will aim to have everything done within varying time spans, depending on how difficult the task will be to accomplish. Once I have the majority of the tasks out of the way I plan to have a testing period where classmates will try out the game and see if they discover any bugs that I may have missed while developing it.

I have messed around a little in Unity beforehand so that I could get somewhat of a grasp on the controls that I would be using for my project. It has helped me learn the controls in preparation for the start of my project. Another thing I did prior to starting my project was to look into different platforming games that are currently available. I noticed that games like Mario and Sonic tended to have very colourful palettes, there was a lot going on on the screen even if there wasn’t much moving. The amount of colour helps keep people engaged and prevents them from being bored like how you can feel when games use colour palettes that don’t vary.

There will be a large chunk of time that will be devoted to searching for bugs in my game, be this an error in a script, a platform missing a collision mesh or even just some Z fighting between some sprites, this is to make sure that the game is working as well as I can get it to by the deadline of the project. To help with this process I plan to keep the amount of scripts I use as low as possible, this is because the more scripts that are used in the construction of a game the more likely you are to encounter compile errors and other issues.

The majority of my game will likely be created with pre-made assets, this is because I am not confident that the timeframe we have is enough to create the assets that I would need for the game. Needless to say I do plan on creating some small assets for the game like character art. This is so that I won’t have to rely entirely on other people’s work. These likely won’t be very high quality assets as I will be making them rather quickly and my drawing skills have always been somewhat lacking. Needless to say I think creating these small assets will be good practice for the future.

FMP Planning & Pre-Production

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