FMP Production

FMP Production


For my FMP I have decided to make a short platforming game in Unity 5. I decided to do this because I aspire to be a game designer and because I wanted to challenge myself for our final major project.


After looking into different types of 2D games to determine what would be the best to make, I came to the conclusion that a platformer would be best as it is simpler than a rogue lite game and doesn’t have to be very fast paced like 2D on rail shooter games.


Once I had decided on a genre of game I had to focus my attention on what sort of mechanics I would implement, whether the game would focus on speed or methodical thinking. I settled on trying to combine the two, something that could be completed quickly but could easily result in failure if the player didn’t consider the obstacles that they could encounter.


As for obstacles I decided the best choice would be pitfalls, a common trap in platforming games. The pitfalls are dotted across the game and are generally well hidden. Aside from pitfalls there are also some fake platforms, which don’t have a collision mesh, so the player just falls right through. I wanted to add in an enemy creature that would chase you through the level, however this enemy would require several scripts to work properly and as I am still a beginner at Unity I felt it was best to just exclude it. I still wanted to include a puzzle element to the game so at the moment there is a part of the game where there are five platforms next to each other, but two of these are fake. The player must determine which is which in order to win, if they get it wrong then they will get trapped in a pitfall and be forced to restart.


Speaking of restart, one thing that I really wanted to include in the game was a script that would reload the game when the R button is pressed. I was able to create the script without any bugs but unfortunately when trying to add the script in to Unity it kept coming up with an error message. While I tried my best to find the source of the problem, I was unable and had to exclude the script from the final product. This means that the only way to restart the game is to close the game window and open it again.


When my game was still in the early development stages I used mostly standard assets that came with Unity to get an idea for what the level would look like at the end. These were of course placeholder and I have been able to fully replace them with my own custom sprites. The sprites themselves are quite basic and I made them rather quickly as I wanted to have as much time as I possibly could to work on the rest of the game.


I was able to add some audio into my game, attaching an Audio listener and Audio source to the player character means that now music will be playing throughout the level. My first thoughts when creating the audio was to attach a listener to the player character and then have some sources dotted around the level that would keep the music from fading out. Then I realized that I could simplify the process by just attaching a source on the player character as well. This made the task a lot easier and I was able to complete it in better time than I otherwise would have. The music I selected was a piece from Halo 5, it is clearly unfitting for my type of game but it is very comical to hear this epic music playing over a very simple platformer.

FMP Production

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