FMP Research

FMP Research

For my FMP I plan to make a level for a video-game. My chosen genre of game is the 2D platformer, I decided to do a 2D platformer because a 3d game would be quite complex and I am still very new to making video games.

For my Level I looked into popular platforming games from the past, to try and see what made them popular, I found a lot of the games had bright colourful art styles. They often had a large amount of enemies that you had to defeat or dodge. I also found that they often had power-ups hidden in the level that would affect the player in some way, for instance in Super Mario there is a power-up that lets you shoot fireballs, this helps you clear enemies from an area more easily.

I could implement something similar in my final level, though I’m not sure how. Traps and puzzles would be relatively simple but they would help pad out the length of the level. Traps could be something like a pitfall, where there is one platform out of a group that is fake and the player would not be aware of it. A very simple puzzle could be offering three different routes and only one would lead to the correct place, that would be a simple puzzle requiring no scripting, a scripted puzzle could be something like taking a key to a door and unlocking it, platform games such as ‘Drawn to Life’ use this kind of puzzle as the main objective, where you have to gather four pages to unlock a door to end the level.

I’ve found that Platformers seem to appeal to a wide range of audiences, this is likely because they’re kid friendly, easy to pick up and have been around long enough for the older generations to remember them fondly. This means that I should try to make my game as accessible as possible so that it can target a larger audience.

While researching platform games I discovered that the genre has been in decline recently, most of the more popular games from the 80’s through to early 2000’s have become 3d and most of the new platform games are made by small companies on indie developers. This means that they see less exposure to the mainstream and as a result sails tend to not equal those of bigger budget 3d games. This has likely happened because as time has gone on and technology has improved developers have attempted to utilize as many of the new resources they can get, they may see 2d games as limited compared to 3d ones and in a way this is true, compare the level editor in the Little Big Planet series to the ones seen in FarCry and Halo, while you can do lots of interesting things in Little Big Planet its 2d plane does limit how much you can create. This doesn’t mean that 2d games should be disregarded however, especially the platformer as they have been staples of the industry for decades and there are still a lot of interesting things to be done in them, such as the game Limbo which features a silhouette art style and is effective at immersing the player in this horror themed atmosphere, being able to see the enemy but not being able to tell what it is, is a great way to get people nervous and Limbo does this especially well; it also shows that platformers don’t need to be bright and colourful adventures meant to distract children, but that they can also tell these emotional, nerve wracking stories that cater more towards adults, while my level likely won’t feature something like this due to time constraints I do enjoy stories like that, so I would like to try and at least include some elements of it in my game, even if I can’t have the base theme around that.

FMP Research

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