Genre Production

Genre Film Production.
One of our projects we had to create a short film based on a genre of our choosing. For my film I decided to base it on the slasher genre as I felt it would be a fairly easy genre for a newcomer to the industry and because we had several nearby locations that lent themselves well to that genre.
For the start of my project I had to create an outline of a story, this was done using storyboards and scripts. The scripts were designed to show who said what lines and the general idea of how they should act and what emotions they should display. The storyboards focused more on how the character should portray their feelings in body language, it also showed the general direction that the director wanted to take the scene.
When I had completed my first draft of the scripts I went over them several times to see how they could be improved, I had to remove scenes and add new ones as I found problems shooting some scenes and had to replace them so that the movie could work. The script also had to be edited during shooting due to some uncooperative cast members, it wasn’t too bad but it did make shooting a little bit more difficult than I would have liked it to be.
Originally for my film, I had planned for one of my friends to take part in the production, however he was unreliable, cancelling and cancelling numerous times. This wasted precious time that I could have used shooting the film. I eventually decided that it would simply be best to cut him out of production entirely as I could not rely on him for filming. With him gone from the picture I had to find someone to take his place, luckily the people in my class were willing to lend a hand and with their help I was able to complete my film.
One thing that I had wanted to do was to shoot my film at night or at least in dark conditions, this was to help set the feeling of this being an actual horror film, unfortunately it was not possible, as I did not have the right equipment to make sure the actors stayed visible in the dark conditions and making the video darker in post would have made it much harder to see when viewing it on the smart board in the classroom.
For my film I needed to gather some props, thankfully because of my chosen genre and my script, I didn’t need as many props as some other people in my class needed. I was able to borrow these props from a classmate as luckily he had brought in exactly what I needed so that he could do his film. Once the filming for his movie was mostly done I was able to acquire three props, a hatchet, a longsword and a battle-axe. These props were meant to be used by both the killer in my movie, more specifically the hatchet and battle-axe were for him to use, while the victims got to use the longsword.
I captured the audio that I needed using a Zoom and Boom. This was so that I could get clear audio that would have as few anomalies and artefacts as possible. Unfortunately the audio from the boom has not come out well, there are noticeable wind like sounds that have been created due to the Boom operator moving the Boom around to much while it was recording. This meant that my film audio was unusable from the boom, luckily the camera audio was still good, so I was able to use that.

Genre Production

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