Podcast Production

Podcast Production


In our latest project we had to make a podcast. We looked at various different kinds of podcast and then decided what to do; we had many different things to choose from. I decided that for my project I was going to work on an interview style podcast. This was because I didn’t like the idea of having to act a role while being recorded.


First of all, similar to my movie, I had to develop a script. Unlike my movie however the script this time around would not be based around a scenario. Instead the script will feature several questions that I will ask various participants. The questions themselves are based around a piece of media that the interviewee has personally enjoyed for the most part. I ask them what they enjoy most about the piece of media that they have chosen. I also asked them what they thought could have ben improved and what they would create if given the opportunity.


I got a lot of interesting responses from the people I interviewed, they spoke about some personal gripes that they had with the media products that they enjoyed, how they wish the person who had created them had done something different with the series. Unfortunately I needed to reach a minimum time limit for my podcast, this meant that the answers that the people who I was interviewing had to be as long as possible. This was an issue as one of the people who I interviewed only gave me very short responses to my questions, barely touching the surface of what he could have. It meant that my podcast lasted about half as long as it should have done and I had to get extra people in to help pad out the length, which meant that precious time that could have been spent doing other things was instead spent ensuring the podcast would reach the minimum time limit.


When I came to edit the podcast, I found that the there was an echo from my microphone when the interviewees began to speak. This was due to the volume at which they spoke compared to the proximity of the microphones. To combat this I used the razor tool to cut the audio into different pieces when someone new would begin talking, I would then delete the segment of the person who wasn’t speaking. This eliminated the echo without compromising the other person’s audio.


Once I had sorted out the echoing problem I needed to add a backing track to the podcast. I went onto YouTube and had a look at various different songs that I felt could fit the podcast. These mostly consisted of instrumental songs that had no singing or vocals over the top. It took a bit off time but in the end I was able to find a song that I felt fit well enough to add to the Podcast. I added the track to the logic project and then lowered its volume so that you would be able to hear the person over the top of the video. I also had to boost their audio a bit as I could only lower the volume of the song so far before it would become difficult to hear.

Podcast Production

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