Podcast Evaluation

Podcast Evaluation
For this project we had to create a project, this could be based on whatever we wanted (Within reason) For my podcast I decided to do an interview with several quests, similar to what you’d find on a talk show.
To begin with I had to create a script to work from. This wasn’t too much of a problem as I had already had practice because of the Genre film project, however I found that coming up with questions to ask the guests was a little troublesome as I wasn’t entirely sure what would make a good, interesting question that they could speak a lot about. I was able to come up with the questions eventually but I still wasted too much time thinking of them.
Actually recording the podcast went quite well. It only took one take to get the podcast recorded so that mean that I had a good amount of time to do the editing in. However before we recorded the podcast we had to set up all the equipment for it, this is where we encountered trouble as for a little bit the computer was not recognising the microphones we had plugged in and it wasn’t recording when we ran tests to see if it worked. It meant that we had to wait until help arrived before we could begin recording.
The people who I worked with to record the podcast were mostly compliant, however I did have a few issues where one team member would get a bit distracted. However it wasn’t too bad. One more major issue I had was that one of my team members answered the questions very quickly. They didn’t explain them much. This meant that my podcast ended up being only half as long as it should have been and that I had to bring in someone else in order to fill out the rest of the time.
With all of the recording done I had to move on to editing. In general there was not too much work that needed to be done. However I did find that my microphone had picked up my team-mates voices and vice versa. I solved this issue by cutting and deleting my team-mates track in the places where I began speaking and then doing the same to my audio track when my team-mates began speaking. This solved the issue of the echo. Once that was done I just needed to add some music to play in the background. I found a nice relaxing song and then placed it in the track. I lowered it volume and raised the volume of my team so that they could be heard over the music, next I looped the music so that it would run over the entire track. Overall I think the editing went quite well.
I think if I had to improve anything then I would perhaps put more planning into what questions I was going to ask beforehand, I would also chose team-mates who I knew could give detailed responses to my questions, rather than one word replies. I think I would also go over what to do to set up the equipment more thoroughly as we ended up getting quite lost as to what to do because we weren’t sure how to work the equipment. As for editing I think that for the most part that went ok, however I want to perhaps be careful of the proximity of the microphones in the future so that I can avoid the echo effect that occurred when I did the recording the first time around. In the end however I think that my podcast went extremely well for a first attempt. Aside from a few errors here and there, there were no major problems and everything went rather smoothly.

Podcast Evaluation

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