FMP Evaluation (Continuous but grouped into one for easier reading)

FMP Evaluation


For my FMP I decided to make a game. I downloaded the Unity Engine at home and, using some tutorials online, I started to teach myself some of the basics of the Unity Engine. Once that was done I began constructing my game.

To begin with I had to set up a platform to start on. This was quite simple, as I just had to drag some blocks into the scene, give them a 2-D box collision mesh and then place the character above them.

The character came with almost all the controls I needed pre-added. This helped save a great deal of time, however there were still a few things I needed to add to character. The first was a camera follow script; this meant that the game camera followed the player. I edited the values a bit so that the movement of the camera was a bit smoother. I also added an audio source and an audio listener to the character. This meant that audio could be played through the source and, because the listener was also attached to the player, it wouldn’t fade out as you got further away.

Next I had to lay out the course. This was quite simple as it consisted of just applying platforms into the scene and then giving then a 2-D box collision, what was handy was being able to highlight a group of platforms and then applying the collision mesh. I wanted to include traps on my map so some of the platforms don’t have collision mesh’s, which means that the player can fall right through them. I did this in a number of locations. Some are just regular traps, with no indication of what lays ahead. Others try to trick you by making it seem like there is solid ground in front of you, but end up trapping you in a hole or dropping you out of the world. Sometimes you might need to choose a tunnel to pass through and choosing the wrong one leads to death.

With the course laid out and the player character set up next I needed to change the art style. Before everything had been utilizing default textures and sprites, so to help make the game recognisable as my own. I created the sprites in Photoshop CS6, using the paintbrush tool, I then used the eraser tool to delete the background so that the sprite wouldn’t have a white cube behind it in game. After that I used the smudge tool to make the outline seem more fluid and so that it could blend easier into the scenery. I also used the Burn tool to darken some areas of the sprites. Once that was done I saved the sprites as a PNG file and copied them into the project. I made the sprites fairly quickly, so I would have more time to work on the engine and insides of the game, so they’re not of the best quality If I were to go back and change something I would probably make the sprites look better.

With all that out of the way I was left with some time to experiment with some things that I wanted to do. One thing in particular that I wanted was to have some scripts in the game. My ideas for the scripts were, to have an enemy chase the player throughout the level and to have a script that would allow you to restart the level at the press of the ‘R’ button. The first script, where the enemy would chase you, unfortunately would not work. I could not figure out how to apply it or fix any errors in the text, for that reason that I unfortunately had to abandon the idea of having an enemy chase the player, as I didn’t have enough time to get it working. The next script was the Restart script and this one was much more successful, I was able to create a script for it that contained no bugs or obsolete lines of code. I was able to successfully export the code to the project. It was here that I ran into a problem, it wouldn’t let me add the code to the project, saying that the file name and class name had to be the same in order for it to be placed into the scene. I tried to find a solution to the problem however I was unable to fix it. This meant that I couldn’t include it in my final product which was a real shame because I was very happy to have a working script that I was unable to use.

Overall I am very happy with the way my project turned out. I thought that I was going to have a very hard time in Unity but it ended up being much easier than I had anticipated. There were things that troubled me along the way, such as the issues with the scripts or applying the new sprites to the objects (which turned out to be a larger pain that I had been expecting) But overall I am very happy with what I accomplished. I am glad that I decided to challenge myself for my Final Major Project as it has given me confidence that with enough practice I can achieve my goal of becoming a Games Designer.

FMP Evaluation (Continuous but grouped into one for easier reading)

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