BAFTA Game Evaluation

Game Concept Evaluation


For this project we needed to come up with a game concept, the concept could be anything so long as it was suitable for kids at least 12 years of age. This meant that most concepts for horror games would be out of the window as they would not be suitable for young audiences.


My idea was for a group of people to become trapped in an abandoned building and have to find an exit, completing puzzles and talking to other trapped individuals to discover why they’ve been trapped here. I also wanted there to be a supernatural element, such as a spirit of some sort, which would either chase the characters or give them information.


I made some art for the concept, it showed a hallway that might have featured in the final product, in the hall there were a number of doors that the group could enter to so they could search for clues in order to escape. I also had the spirit on the upper floor patrolling the hallways, the group would need to hide from it in the rooms or by some cover in order to get round it, as there would be no way to fight it in game. I mentioned earlier that there would be other characters aside from the main group in the game, these for the most part would be on their own and would not follow the group aside from a few specific NPCs. Their purpose would be to give information to the player however, depending on how well trusted the group is, they may be given misinformation by the NPCs. While this may seem bad in the long run, it would be countered by NPCs who would be considered mistrustful by other regular NPCs, these NPCs could share important information with the character, which could be more valuable than what is given to the player by the regular NPCs, however it could also be a lie that would lead the players to a Bad End.


Bad Ends are special endings where an incorrect sequence of events have played out, perhaps the members of the group have been captured and not saved, perhaps a puzzle had been solved, but the answer was incorrect. These bad ends show the group as they become trapped in building, either losing hope, getting captured or just getting lost in the maze like structure. There would be an achievement in the final game for collecting all the Game Over scenarios.


The idea for these game concepts was to enter them into a competition known as the ‘Bafta Game Concept Awards’ unfortunately by the time I had finished coming up with my idea and compiling it all together, the competition had closed and I could no longer enter my submission. This was a set back, however I decided to keep going and fully flesh out my idea even though I could no longer enter the competition.


Overall I am very happy with my concept, I like the idea and I think I have fleshed it out well enough. Though I wish I could have made a horror game as I feel that my game would really shine in a horror environment as I had to tone down the content in the game to make sure it would stay within the PG12 rating. Of course the other issue was not making it in time for the competition which was a real setback but I feel I was able to overcome it quite well.

BAFTA Game Evaluation

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