FMP – Product presentation

FMP – Product presentation

10 thoughts on “FMP – Product presentation

  1. Feedback: Your presentation is great, as you’ve been good with presenting your research, you literally spoke about a lot of your development etc, which is great as you are describing your work well. I don’t think you have must to improve on your presentation as you pretty much covered everything.


  2. I really liked the fact you used old games in your information. Really cool game, love the fact you made a game.
    It’s highly addictive, kind of like a mobile game (geometric)

    Kinda hard, lots of traps.

    I’m really enjoying it and your research was interesting.


  3. Very informed presentation, but lacking in enthusiasm. You need to be more passionate about what your talking about. It comes across that you don’t feel comfortable presenting your work.

    Your game is really addictive, but very difficult. Very simple and effective. One note: Fix the reset.


  4. The game was very good. Very addictive. However, there are a couple problems that need looking at, such as a reset, and when you land on the red lines, you go right through them.


  5. Betsy Warren says:

    What was good?
    It has good game control. It more smoothly. The game art looks brilliant. Its as attractive as flappy bird and thats a good thing because thats were people in the gaming industry make their money.

    What needs to be improved?
    You need to make the character run and jump and add more features to it. Would have liked a bit more of a story to it.


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