Short Film Audio Production

Part of our short film project was to edit the audio of the film. This included things like making people’s voices easier to hear to adding music to the project. For my Audio edits I decided to try and make Stephans voice clearer, this was because he was rather quiet during filming and the Microphone had trouble picking him up at times.

To edit the audio, we had to open the selected track in Audacity, then we had to select part of the track that had some unwanted background noise. After capturing this sound, we selected the option to find sounds at a similar frequency to this one, we made sure the captured sound didn’t have anything we wanted in it, such as voices or sound effects. Once we had ensured that the audio only had background noise in it, we deleted it and cleaned up an artefacts it may have left behind.

The other thing I did was add some music over the film. This was to help keep it interesting, as a film without music can be very boring. I decided to add some horror music over the top of mine, so as to fit the theme of my film. Though I think the music is still a bit too loud at some points, I couldn’t lower the volume any more without it becoming too quiet to be heard easily.

Short Film Audio Production

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