Task 1: Poster Analysis

For Task 1 we had to write a 500 word essay on the semiotic signs that we found within a poster. This proved to be quite difficult as we had find between 4 and 6 semiotic signs on the poster. Unlike a movie we don’t have a large range of scenes to choose from when identifying signs, instead we have to analyze the poster as deeply as we can in order to find signs that we otherwise would likely never have noticed.

I think the task went well enough, though there were a few areas in which I could have improved:

The poster that I had chosen turned out to not be an original poster of the film, but rather a fan-made one created by Daniel Norris

I didn’t go into much detail about the colours used in the Poster, focusing more on the imagery and text within the Poster.


Task 1: Poster Analysis

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