Task 2: Annotated Photo ideas

For my photo for task 2, there are several things that I will have to keep in mind in order to ensure that I take the best photo that I possibly could. I’ll need to keep in mind exposure, focus, zoom and many other properties of the camera.

I thought that a nice idea for a picture would be a plant growing through concrete, similar to this photo by Thomas J Nanos

This issue with this is that there may not be a lot of things to annotate in the photo as it would be focusing on the one subject which could greatly limit the amount that I am able to comment on, however trying for a more complex shot may lead to a cluttered photo that doesn’t really end up conveying any message and will be hard to annotate as the scene will be too crowded, making attempts at signifying something or telling a story difficult.

To help decide whether or not this will be a good idea I will take some test shots in order to decide whether or not I think this will be a good idea and to get an idea on how it could be improved if I decide that it is good enough to follow up.

Task 2: Annotated Photo ideas

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