Task 2: Test Shots

I used my phone camera to capture some test shots for Task 2. Due to being taken on a phone Camera, the quality will not be as good as if I had taken it on a DSLR.

When I went out to take the photos for my test shots, I originally wanted to get a photo of a flower growing out of the concrete. However as I looked around the area, I decided that Overgrowth would be a more interesting theme to photograph.

One issue I found with using a Phone Camera, while trying to take low angle shots, was that it was quite difficult to hold the camera steady, and I didn’t have a stand to rest it on either, so I had to take several shots to ensure that I would have at least one that was in focus.

When taking the photos, I decided that a low angle would look the best, as it would make it seem as though the world in the photograph was much larger than it actually is. I did experiment with a higher angle at first, however I decided that it simply didn’t look as good as when the photos were taken at a low angle.

These photos was taken on the 20th of September at 6pm. The weather was Overcast, but luckily enough it wasn’t raining.

Task 2: Test Shots

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