Task 3 The Visitor: Feedback

The Positives:

Used a high shot to show the texting between the two characters

The Shots that switch between the phone and the actor

Tension with the phone scene and shots

Story, Camera Angles, Lighting

Areas for Development:

To show who the visitor is more effectively

Confused at direction, use a boom

Can’t hear Connor, more shot variety

Leave more time to record/edit, work on script

What has this taught me:

This taught me to try and find a way to record audio clearly as Connors audio was hard to hear at times. It also taught me to manage my time better, as I ended up having very little time to film and edit, which definitely impacted the quality of my work.

It was suggested to use a boom to get better audio, however the room that I was using to record was too small to effectively use one. One person also said that it was hard to tell who the visitor was, despite the fact that it was clearly the person at the door. It was also suggested that I use more camera angles, however the room was too small to effectively do that.

Task 3 The Visitor: Feedback

Interview Questions

Focus of Interview:

My interview will be based around old Hollywood B Movies

[Brief introduction telling the audience about the history of B Movies before the interviews begin]

Potential Questions:

Have you ever seen a B Movie?

What is your favourite B Movie?

Which B Movie would you say has been the most influential on modern cinema?

What was your least favourite B Movie?

If you had the chance to make your own B Movie, what kind of film would you make?

Potential Interviewee’s:

Stephan [TBC]

Betsy [TBC]

Tammy [TBC]

Ethan [TBC]

Connor [TBC]

Interview Questions

Task 3: The Visitor – Evaluation

For task 3 we had to create a short film entitled ‘The Visitor’ I decided to create a spoof horror film in which a woman would think that she is being watched, but it would turn out to just be her doctor all along.

What went well:

Both Connor and Betsy acted their rolls well, they were able to improvise really well and really gave life to the characters they were playing. While the room was quite small, I am rather happy with the different camera angles that I was able to get and I think I was able to get enough variety in the shots to keep it interesting.

What could have been improved:

I feel that the camera could have been held a bit steadier in some scenes. I think the audio quality could have been improved in some places. The room that I was using made it a bit hard to use the sign that I made effectively, so in the end I had to cut it from the final film, which was a shame. I had a cold during filming, which made things difficult as I had to keep myself from coughing and laughing during the recording. Time management could also have been improved as I only had one day to record and a second day to edit. I also should not rely as much on other people for props as, while I had most of the props I needed, I was missing one which I planned to borrow from a classmate, unfortunately this was one of the most important props in the film and so I had to find ways to film without it in the end.

Task 3: The Visitor – Evaluation

Task 3: Research

For Task 3, we had to do some research in order to help us make decisions on what to do for our film, the point of the research is to look at films of a similar genre and learn from what they got right and what they got wrong.

I decided to look at parodies of horror films, like the scary movie series as my own film is going to parody horror films. I also looked at Dark Corners Reviews on YouTube, who reviews a lot of old B-Movies. These horror B-Movies are a large part of what inspired me, films like ‘They Came From Beyond Space’ especially, where it turns out that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding.

Another source of research were slasher films, where the victims are being stalked by a killer. a big inspiration in this regard were the ‘Scream’ films, where a killer hunts down victims while speaking to them on the telephone. I parodied this in my film by having the supposed killer sending text messages to the victim.

Task 3: Research

Task 3: The Visitor problems

I had hoped to start filming today, however Stephan forgot to bring the cloak that I needed for my film. This is a real setback, and finding a way around it in order to start filming today is going to be very tricky.

This teaches me to always have a back up plan in case something goes wrong and that if a helper is making things more difficult, they should be fired immediately and replaced.

Task 3: The Visitor problems

Task 3: The Visitor ideas

For my short film ‘The Visitor’ I had the idea to create a short comedy sketch disguised as an amateur horror film. The general synopsis is that a woman would be sitting alone at home and she would get a text from an unknown number. She would proceed to ask who is sending  her the message, only to receive the same message again, once again she would ask who it was on the phone, but this time she would receive a new message, telling her that the person would outside her house and wishes to be let in. She would look up in panic and begin to back away. Then a knock would be heard and the woman would look up in shock. A figure in a cloak would be standing outside the window, the cloaked figure would then hold up an A3 sign saying ‘Let me in’ Then the figure would move away from the window and approach the door, finding it unlocked, he lets himself in. The woman prepares herself to scream, only for the figure to remove their cloak revealing that they were the Woman’s doctor all along, the woman sighs in relief, only for the Doctor to reveal that her test results came back positive. The movie then fades to black as ‘The End’ appears on screen.


Woman – Betsy

Figure – Conner


Doctors Coat

Cultist Robe


‘Let me In’ sign

I hope to start filming on the 4th of October.

Task 3: The Visitor ideas