Task 3: The Visitor ideas

For my short film ‘The Visitor’ I had the idea to create a short comedy sketch disguised as an amateur horror film. The general synopsis is that a woman would be sitting alone at home and she would get a text from an unknown number. She would proceed to ask who is sending  her the message, only to receive the same message again, once again she would ask who it was on the phone, but this time she would receive a new message, telling her that the person would outside her house and wishes to be let in. She would look up in panic and begin to back away. Then a knock would be heard and the woman would look up in shock. A figure in a cloak would be standing outside the window, the cloaked figure would then hold up an A3 sign saying ‘Let me in’ Then the figure would move away from the window and approach the door, finding it unlocked, he lets himself in. The woman prepares herself to scream, only for the figure to remove their cloak revealing that they were the Woman’s doctor all along, the woman sighs in relief, only for the Doctor to reveal that her test results came back positive. The movie then fades to black as ‘The End’ appears on screen.


Woman – Betsy

Figure – Conner


Doctors Coat

Cultist Robe


‘Let me In’ sign

I hope to start filming on the 4th of October.

Task 3: The Visitor ideas

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