Task 3: The Visitor – Evaluation

For task 3 we had to create a short film entitled ‘The Visitor’ I decided to create a spoof horror film in which a woman would think that she is being watched, but it would turn out to just be her doctor all along.

What went well:

Both Connor and Betsy acted their rolls well, they were able to improvise really well and really gave life to the characters they were playing. While the room was quite small, I am rather happy with the different camera angles that I was able to get and I think I was able to get enough variety in the shots to keep it interesting.

What could have been improved:

I feel that the camera could have been held a bit steadier in some scenes. I think the audio quality could have been improved in some places. The room that I was using made it a bit hard to use the sign that I made effectively, so in the end I had to cut it from the final film, which was a shame. I had a cold during filming, which made things difficult as I had to keep myself from coughing and laughing during the recording. Time management could also have been improved as I only had one day to record and a second day to edit. I also should not rely as much on other people for props as, while I had most of the props I needed, I was missing one which I planned to borrow from a classmate, unfortunately this was one of the most important props in the film and so I had to find ways to film without it in the end.

Task 3: The Visitor – Evaluation

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