Task 3 The Visitor: Feedback

The Positives:

Used a high shot to show the texting between the two characters

The Shots that switch between the phone and the actor

Tension with the phone scene and shots

Story, Camera Angles, Lighting

Areas for Development:

To show who the visitor is more effectively

Confused at direction, use a boom

Can’t hear Connor, more shot variety

Leave more time to record/edit, work on script

What has this taught me:

This taught me to try and find a way to record audio clearly as Connors audio was hard to hear at times. It also taught me to manage my time better, as I ended up having very little time to film and edit, which definitely impacted the quality of my work.

It was suggested to use a boom to get better audio, however the room that I was using to record was too small to effectively use one. One person also said that it was hard to tell who the visitor was, despite the fact that it was clearly the person at the door. It was also suggested that I use more camera angles, however the room was too small to effectively do that.

Task 3 The Visitor: Feedback

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