Animation Extra Lesson

I had an extra lesson on Animation, in this lesson, I learned how to use Adobe After Effects to create a short animation. To create the animation we had to use keyframes in order to control the direction that the object in the animation traveled. There were other objects that allowed us to choose the rotation and speed of objects.

In the short animation that I created, I had a football bounce around a football pitch while a spaceship flies overhead. The football was the harder object to animate as I had to move it across the screen in a loop, starting from the center, hitting a wall, bouncing into a goal, into another wall and then off to the other side to do the same, the spaceship however just flew in a straight line over the pitch.

Overall I think that this extra lesson was quite helpful, it gave me an introduction into some basic animation that otherwise I might not have learned due to the adobe suite being as expensive as it is. It also means that if we cover animation in the future, I’ll have a head start compared to some other people.

Animation Extra Lesson

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