Vox Pop Editing

Once the recording was done we had to edit it into an actual video. One thing I found very early on was that the Zooms had not captured the sound very well, you could hear the people but they were all very quiet. It meant that I had to use the audio from the Camera, this was not as bad as I thought it might be, as the audio was clear and easy to hear, likely because we were filming inside in a small room.

One thing I did was use the Picture in Picture feature in order to include small segments of the film in the corner of the picture, to give people an idea of what the films that people were talking about were like. This was something that I had to learn from scratch as prior to this project, I didn’t know how how to do this. Luckily my classmates and teaching assisstants were very helpful in teaching me how to create this effect.

Vox Pop Editing

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