Vox Pop Feedback

We had to show our finished videos to the class today. Mine was quite well recieved, they praised the audio and thought that the picture in picture thing was very cool, I was the only person in the class who used that technique. They did however mention that the camera angle was a bit too high, relegating the interviewee to a corner of the screen. They also felt that instead of showing me asking the person the question each time, I could have just created a title card with the question on it and the cut in their responses to the question.

I agree with the feedback that I recieved and in the future will take this into account in order to improve the quality of my work over all. If I were to do this project again, then I would definitely make changes to the angle of the camera as well as how I edited the film in general. I would probably also try to better the quality of the Zoom audio, so that I wouldn’t have to rely on the Camera audio.

Vox Pop Feedback

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