Girl in the Pool

Girl in the Pool was a task that was designed to get us used to using Logic Pro X. For the assignment we had to sync audio to a short horror film about a girl swimming in a pool. This proved to be somewhat challenging, I had synced audio before in Premiere Pro, but I had never used Logic before and so a lot of the options and settings were difficult to learn. Audio levels were managed in a completely different way than in Premiere. This made it a bit difficult when switching between the two on different projects. We also only had one session a week dedicated to learning Logic, which really wasn’t enough time for the amount that there is to learn in that program.

I think overall my GitP project turned out quite well, I was able to sync most of the sound I put in quite well and was able to add fade in and outs so the sound wasn’t so abruptly cut. I didn’t get to try and change the audio depending on the direction unfortunatly, so that is something that I would like to try at some point in the future.

Girl in the Pool

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