UAL – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Task 1: As you watch the film, note down how you would describe HAL

I noted HAL as being quite worried and protecting. He is worried because his mission orders and programming conflict with each other. This can be seen when he attempts to question Dave and Frank about their thoughts on the mission. When it comes to protecting, he is very concerned about protecting the mission, he kills the crew because he sees them as a threat and says to Dave that ‘The mission is too important to allow him to jeapordise it’

Task 2: What films does it remind me of and why

Terminator series, the red eyes of the robots are reminiscent of Hal’s red eye. The ship models used in the film contain a similar style and detailing as the ones seen in Star Wars. The various parodies of HAL seen in media, such as AUTO from WALL.E, SAL 3000 from Recess, Pierce Brosnan house from Simpsons Tree-house of Horror.

Task 3: Take screen grabs of the film and describe the themes present


This image is what I attribute to helping shape the idea of a ‘Space Opera’ in modern media. The dance between the shuttle and station helped to make Space Exploration seem relaxing, calming while also making it feel somewhat isolated.


This image helps show the ‘Man vs Machine’ aspect of the movie. with Dave’s face reflected in HAL’s glass eye. While the actual setting of this scene is not confrontational, but rather Dave showing HAL his art, it is still a sinister scene and helps tell the audience that things are about to go wrong.

Task 4: Place the following suggestions of the films main theme in order of importance

  1. A Visual Experience – (1)
  2. An attempt to predict what life will be like in the year 2001 – (5)
  3. The influence of extra-terrestrials on Human Evolution – (3)
  4. What could happen if Machines are given too much power – (4)
  5. A journey of Mankind towards self knowledge – (2)

Todorov Theory:

Todorov theory suggests that conventional narratives are structured in five stages;

  1. A State of Equilibrium at the outset
  2. A disruption of the equilibrium by some action
  3. A recognition that there has been a disruption
  4. An attempt to repair the disruption
  5. A reinstatement of the equilibrium

Try to plot the narrative of 2001: A Space Odyssey using Todorov’s theory:

2001 is an interesting film as it doesn’t really fit into Todorov’s theory, there are parts of it that do, like the segment with Dave and HAL on the Discovery, however aside from that part, the rest doesn’t really fit as the mystery behind the Monoliths is never really solved and you could argue that at the end of the film, the movie has disrupted the equilibrium even more than earlier with the HAL issue.


UAL – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Dr Strangelove

  1. What do the signs say around the airbase?

The signs say ‘Peace is our Profession’ this was the actual slogan for the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War. It is ironic as the sign is seen repeatedly during the airbase shootout and it is the fault of a SAC General that Nuclear War breaks out.

2. What is the effect of Peter Sellers playing multiple roles in the film?

It gives off the idea that these are all different opinions that are held by the same person, so it creates an effect of Cognitive Dissonance.

3. What does Kubrick seem to be saying about the original motivations for war?

That part of it is due to the wish to deter the enemy from attacking. The bombers circling the USSR that are sent in to attack the nation by General Ripper  were originally there as a deterrent to prevent the USSR from attacking America,  while the Doomsday device was also a deterrent to prevent America from attacking the USSR.

4. What is the effect created by the music and speech given by the B-52 pilot?

It’s a somber mood as the nature of their orders becomes clear and they get prepared to doom humanity, but at the same time it’s kept light hearted by the speech that the pilot gives to his men and the somewhat cheery music, which interestingly enough was originally an Irish anti-war song.

5. Would the film have a different impact on the audience if it were in colour?

I don’t think the impact would have been as strong, the black and white helps emphasize the dark nature of the film and also helps to cover up some issues which may be more apparent if it was in colour.

6. How does Kubrick manage to make Strangelove a comedy and a thriller at the               same time?

He inserts a lot of slapstick into otherwise serious scenes, for example when they meet in the War Room to discuss the situation and the General gets into a fight with the Russian Ambassador. He also includes a lot of dark humour. The whole situation is like the nervous chuckle someone emits in a dangerous situation.

7. There’s a 1 minute 24 second long shot, can you find it?

It’s the scene where the General is with his Secretary.

8. What does the movie tell us about the time it was created?

It was a very tense time, a lot of people were unsure if the next day would be their last. There was a lot of propaganda from both sides that coloured peoples ideas of what the opposition was like, this can be seen in Strangelove by the General’s distrust of the Russian Ambassador.

9. How can we relate Dr Strangelove to the global conflicts of today?

We can relate Dr Strangelove to things like the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the rise of Isis, which captured media attention during the periods that they were relevant, though they weren’t nearly as drawn out as the Cold War.

10. How symmetry has been used to enhance the visual experience?

The One Point Perspective shots of the Bomber help to create a claustrophobic feeling, which can be seen as ironic considering the fate of the world is in their hands.

11: Take 1 screenshot and analyse it


This screenshot shows how Kubrick used the Rule of Thirds, One Point Perspective and a little of symmetry. It shows a somewhat sinister side to Doctor Strangelove, as him in his wheelchair, sitting in front of the world map with a small smile on his face while shrouded in shadow makes him seem like a villain you’d see in a bond film.

12: Take 1 screenshot and discuss what aspects you find interesting:


Based on the context of this image, I find it interesting how Strangelove is seen looking rather suspicious in the shadows, he looks a little unhappy. However in the film this scene is just after the scene in which we learn that the bombers have successfully been recalled, so it should be a joyous occasion.

13: What’s your personal response to the film? (Positive or Negative)

My personal response to the film is positive, I enjoyed watching it, and while many of the issues of that era no longer effect us I still think the film provides a strong anti war message

Dr Strangelove

This is Me Evaluation

For our this is me project we had to create a video which showed people who we were. For my video I captured footage of me playing videogames and spliced it with footage of an interview I held with my Cat. Once we had finished editing our vidoes, we had to show them to the rest of the class, who would provide feedback on what they liked and didn’t like about the videos as well as what they thought could have been improved.

The Positives:

The people thought that my audio quality thoughout the video was quite good. They also liked the camera angles and transitions that I had used throughout the video. They thought the interview was humourous and liked the choice of backing music for the video.

The Negatives:

Some people thought that I could have included something other than game footage in my video, others thought that the final interview shot wasn’t of high quality. Some people thought that the characters in game wasn’t sufficient enough to count as a voice over.

What could have been improved:

Some people felt that the background music was a little too high at point, making it difficult to hear the dialogue. Others thought that the interview with the cat wasn’t a proper interview. They also thought that my presentation before the video was a bit weak.


Overall I agree with pretty much all of what the people said about my video. I think the transitions that I made worked very well and I am very happy with how smooth they turned out. They’re a big improvement over the transitions seen in my ‘Visitor’ project. I also agree with the criticisms that I’ve recieved, the presentation was the worst offender I believe. At the time, I was very tired as I had not managed to get a lot of sleep the night before and so when it came to the presentation, I just wanted to get it over and done with. The final interview shot was the result of my experimentations in Adobe Premiere Pro, in an attempt to make it brighter. I was able to do this, but at the cost of shot quality. Overall I am happy with how my video turned out, though it could be improved in areas.

During this project I have learned how to:

  • Capture footage on my Xbox One and upload it to the XboxDVR site
  • Edit footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Set up a Canon 5D Mark ii to record video


This is Me Evaluation

Group Ball Game Evaluation

In class today we had to participate in a ball game in which we had to move four balls while sticking with the following requirements:

  1. Nobody can hold more than one ball at the same time except to start the process.
  2. During the process, each person must touch each ball in the order: 1, 2, 3, 4
  3. Balls must be kept moving throughout the process
  4. No props allowed

Our team had a slight handicap for this challenge, as our group had 4 people in it and the task was initially designed for 5. So while most people had a simple task of moving the 4 balls between them, we had to be more creative with our solution.

Luckily one of our team-members found a loop hole in the brief, it didn’t say that the balls needed to be passed from team member to team member, or that everyone could touch the ball at the same time. This meant that as long as we keep the balls moving in our hands and made sure just to touch the balls at the same time, we wouldn’t be breaking any rules. Thanks to this we were able to complete the task in the fastest time.

Once the task had been completed we were told to go and improve our system somehow so that we could get a faster time. This lead to a lot of the other groups finding similar ways to complete it as we had, while we tried a slightly modified version of our original design. The second version wasn’t as fast I don’t believe, but it did keep the balls more stable and less likely to fall from our hands.

This task was designed to help improve our observation skills as well as our teamwork and co-ordination. This task also had the side effect of helping to improve our adaptability as we were down a member and so had to come up with a creative new solution to the problem at hand.

Group Ball Game Evaluation

Sound Project

In today’s class we were handed a number of household objects and told to create a beat with them to follow a tempo set by our teacher.  I was given a biscuit tin without a lid and with a rubber band wrapped around it. I found that pinging the rubber band created a metallic echo sound that kept with the temp nicely. I used a slight variation of this for the next task, in which we had to try and create a piece for a horror movie, using only the objects we had. People commented that my playing was the most noticeable part of the second task. And I was credited for creating the tempo for the task, allowing the other people taking part to easily find a place to slot in their own instrument.

Task 3 – Listen to 3 pieces of music and write about where they take you in your mind:

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, First Movement: When listening to this piece of music I thought of a large war, between nations, where the conflict had gotten so bad that sides were beginning to use Nuclear Weapons. I feel that my thoughts may have been influenced by the movie ‘Dr. Strangelove’ which we had watched just prior to this task.

Mozart’s Requiem: For this piece at first I thought of a captain walking around his ship as it sinks, then when the faster paced, louder segments begin I thought of the camera panning around to show the chaos as things fell from tables and passengers fled towards lifeboats

Mozart’s Lacrimosa: For this piece I thought of a man who has just committed a heinous crime and is now being marched towards a court house to face his trial in which he will most certainly be found guilty.


Rosa Nera (2008) Mozart – Lacrimosa. Available at: (Accessed: 6 February 2017).

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Sound Project

This is Me Editing


We had to do editing for the this is me project. It was mainly made up of found footage so we didn’t have to do a lot of recording ourselves. I captured a bunch of game-play and then choose which clips to use in the video. Once I had the clips selected I had to edit out the less interesting content so that there wasn’t any time wasted in the video. The 2 minute max requirement meant that I didn’t have a lot of space to include clips. This meant that I had to cut out a lot, leaving only the best footage.

We also had to include an interview, for mine, I decided to interview my Cat. To do this I got a Canon 5D Mark 2 and using a tutorial on the web, set it to record video. Then I sat in the kitchen and recorded my cats reactions to some questions that I wrote on a Whiteboard. I had some difficulties as the lighting wasn’t great and my attempts to solve the issue didn’t help very much, but it mostly worked out, with only one shot needing post production edits to make it more visible.

I used the interview shots as cutaways for when a hard cut would seem awkward. I did this in moments where there would be a cut but the cut would lead to more footage from the same game. I didn’t try to keep continuity between these cuts so it seemed a bit off, luckily inserting the interview in between made it seem more natural.

Overall I think the editing went very well, though I wish I hadn’t have needed edit that clip to make it easier to see as it greatly reduced the quality and I ended up with a lot of footage that I didn’t need or couldn’t use, which was annoying.

This is Me Editing