This is Me Editing


We had to do editing for the this is me project. It was mainly made up of found footage so we didn’t have to do a lot of recording ourselves. I captured a bunch of game-play and then choose which clips to use in the video. Once I had the clips selected I had to edit out the less interesting content so that there wasn’t any time wasted in the video. The 2 minute max requirement meant that I didn’t have a lot of space to include clips. This meant that I had to cut out a lot, leaving only the best footage.

We also had to include an interview, for mine, I decided to interview my Cat. To do this I got a Canon 5D Mark 2 and using a tutorial on the web, set it to record video. Then I sat in the kitchen and recorded my cats reactions to some questions that I wrote on a Whiteboard. I had some difficulties as the lighting wasn’t great and my attempts to solve the issue didn’t help very much, but it mostly worked out, with only one shot needing post production edits to make it more visible.

I used the interview shots as cutaways for when a hard cut would seem awkward. I did this in moments where there would be a cut but the cut would lead to more footage from the same game. I didn’t try to keep continuity between these cuts so it seemed a bit off, luckily inserting the interview in between made it seem more natural.

Overall I think the editing went very well, though I wish I hadn’t have needed edit that clip to make it easier to see as it greatly reduced the quality and I ended up with a lot of footage that I didn’t need or couldn’t use, which was annoying.

This is Me Editing

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