Group Ball Game Evaluation

In class today we had to participate in a ball game in which we had to move four balls while sticking with the following requirements:

  1. Nobody can hold more than one ball at the same time except to start the process.
  2. During the process, each person must touch each ball in the order: 1, 2, 3, 4
  3. Balls must be kept moving throughout the process
  4. No props allowed

Our team had a slight handicap for this challenge, as our group had 4 people in it and the task was initially designed for 5. So while most people had a simple task of moving the 4 balls between them, we had to be more creative with our solution.

Luckily one of our team-members found a loop hole in the brief, it didn’t say that the balls needed to be passed from team member to team member, or that everyone could touch the ball at the same time. This meant that as long as we keep the balls moving in our hands and made sure just to touch the balls at the same time, we wouldn’t be breaking any rules. Thanks to this we were able to complete the task in the fastest time.

Once the task had been completed we were told to go and improve our system somehow so that we could get a faster time. This lead to a lot of the other groups finding similar ways to complete it as we had, while we tried a slightly modified version of our original design. The second version wasn’t as fast I don’t believe, but it did keep the balls more stable and less likely to fall from our hands.

This task was designed to help improve our observation skills as well as our teamwork and co-ordination. This task also had the side effect of helping to improve our adaptability as we were down a member and so had to come up with a creative new solution to the problem at hand.

Group Ball Game Evaluation

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