This is Me Evaluation

For our this is me project we had to create a video which showed people who we were. For my video I captured footage of me playing videogames and spliced it with footage of an interview I held with my Cat. Once we had finished editing our vidoes, we had to show them to the rest of the class, who would provide feedback on what they liked and didn’t like about the videos as well as what they thought could have been improved.

The Positives:

The people thought that my audio quality thoughout the video was quite good. They also liked the camera angles and transitions that I had used throughout the video. They thought the interview was humourous and liked the choice of backing music for the video.

The Negatives:

Some people thought that I could have included something other than game footage in my video, others thought that the final interview shot wasn’t of high quality. Some people thought that the characters in game wasn’t sufficient enough to count as a voice over.

What could have been improved:

Some people felt that the background music was a little too high at point, making it difficult to hear the dialogue. Others thought that the interview with the cat wasn’t a proper interview. They also thought that my presentation before the video was a bit weak.


Overall I agree with pretty much all of what the people said about my video. I think the transitions that I made worked very well and I am very happy with how smooth they turned out. They’re a big improvement over the transitions seen in my ‘Visitor’ project. I also agree with the criticisms that I’ve recieved, the presentation was the worst offender I believe. At the time, I was very tired as I had not managed to get a lot of sleep the night before and so when it came to the presentation, I just wanted to get it over and done with. The final interview shot was the result of my experimentations in Adobe Premiere Pro, in an attempt to make it brighter. I was able to do this, but at the cost of shot quality. Overall I am happy with how my video turned out, though it could be improved in areas.

During this project I have learned how to:

  • Capture footage on my Xbox One and upload it to the XboxDVR site
  • Edit footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Set up a Canon 5D Mark ii to record video


This is Me Evaluation

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