Symmetry task

Symmetry in Architecture


I like how this image turned out, I think as a one point perspetive shot it looks really good. Everything is symmetrical and I like the pillar just behind the desk. I also like the slight Asymmetry provided by the woman sitting at the desk, which I think makes the image more interesting as a whole. However I don’t like how grainy the image is, it couldn’t really be helped due to the low quality camera used to take the image, but I wish I could have made it better. I also dislike the window glare, I would have preferred it if there was a blank wall there or if the window didn’t have the glare and you could see out of it easily.


This image I took a few years ago in Durham cathedral. I really like the way it looks, with the raised roof and designs on the pillars, the tapestries hanging on either side and the light pouring through the circular window. Some things that could be improved are image quality, this image was taken with an even lower quality camera than the one above, so it much smaller. I also feel that it’s not quite lined up correctly, due to me taking the picture very quickly (Photography wasn’t allowed in the cathedral)

Symmetry in Nature


I like this photo as it combines architecture and nature in a way, with how the bridge is slightly overgrown. Like nature taking over once more. I also like how one half of the little island at the bottom is almost barren compared to the other, which is full of flora. Another thing I like is how it’s surrounded by water, it makes it feel isolated in a way. I think the way the bridge support acts as a line for the symmetry without going the whole way across the screen is nice too, and the fact that the image is taken from the top down, it can feel a little disorienting, like the water is flowing downwards and the island is sticking up in the air.

Symmetry in People


This image I like due to the creepy atmosphere it gives off, the darkened hallways with the shadowy figure. I think the slight off centreing helps to give this eery feeling that something isn’t quite right. I like how the green trees are on either side of the figure as well, they sort of create the illusion of wings. Another thing that I like about this image is the lighting behind the figure, it seems warm and inviting while the figure seems dangerous and foreboding, it provides a nice contrast.


This image was an attempt to capture symmetry in myself, using a mirror, I’m not 100% happy with it as I feel not enough of my face is visible on the left hand side and I don’t like how dark it is in places. One thing I do like is the reflection of the door in the mirror, which I think creates a nice effect, especially since it’s slightly distorted by the curve in the mirror itself.

Symmetry task

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