College Tour: Locations

Today we went on a tour of our college in preparation for our Stanley Kubrick project. The idea was to find locations that would be suitable for our filming. We explored both the North and South site in order to find places that would fit our ideas. We had to look at lighting, layout and decoration in order to discern the type of mood the location would permeate and how well we could use it in our future projects. I in particular found the hallways in the south site to house a kind of menacing feeling. In the future I may incorporate them into my projects. I was discussing with a few of my classmates and they agreed that the halls and quiet room in the south site were both good locations and that we would likely visit them again for filming. Another bonus of the south site is that it’s relatively empty, this means we can shoot there without disturbing too many people and without having to wait for clear hallways to shoot.

College Tour: Locations

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