Tate Modern Task

1: Which piece of art did you choose? What’s the title?

I chose Babel by Cildo Meireles which was made in 2001



Describe its style, was it Futurism, Cubism, Realism, Modernism….?

It’s a mix between Conceptual art and Installation art.  On one hand it brings to life the concept of the Tower of Babel from the Bible and puts a unique twist on it, however the sheer size and scale of the project, combined with how complex it is to put together makes it an installation art piece as well, as it currently stands, it is unlikely to leave the Tate Modern for a while.

Does it tell a story, or is it just about the Material?

According to the creator, ‘Babel’ is meant to represent a tower of incomprehension. It’s based on the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible, in which Humanity builds a massive tower in order to reach God, God in response is angered and destroys the tower before cursing Humanity to speak in separate languages.

What do you know of the Artist?

Cildo Meireles was born in 1948 in Brazil. He is a Conceptual Artist, Installation Artist and Sculptor. He is noted especially for his installations, many of which express resistance to political oppression in Brazil. These works, often large and dense, encourage a phenomenological experience via the viewer’s interaction.

Why did you choose it?

I chose this piece because I found it interesting. I like how he created this representation of an ancient biblical story but was able to adapt it to fit modern circumstances and I like how the newer radios are positioned at the top while the older ones are at the bottom. I like that the radios are in no random order and that each type of radio has its own row on the tower. (“Cildo Meireles (Born 1948) | Tate”)


“Cildo Meireles (Born 1948) | Tate”. Tate. N.p., 2017. Web. 7 Mar. 2017.

“Babel, Cildo Meireles 2001 | Tate”. Tate. N.p., 2017. Web. 7 Mar. 2017.

Tate Modern Task

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