FMP Proposal

For my Final Major Project, I have taken inspiration from old hollywood monster movies, such as Godzilla and the many copies that it spawned. My film will take more inspiration from the latter. Aiming for a purposefully cheap look in order to parody the low budget films of the time.

In order to try and mimic these shoddy monster movies. I am going to create a small cardboard city and then let my Cat loose inside of it. The cardboard city will likely not have much of a true layout, as my Cat will need room to move about it and I will need to be able to move the Camera around the city easily. I plan to construct the city outside on a cardboard base one issue this may present is that some of the cardboard boxes that I plan to use as buildings may get blown down by the wind.

Once I have the footage of the city, I will go to college and use the Green Screen in the recording studio to superimpose may actors into some of the scenes. While the Studio itself will serve as an interior space in the film otherwise.

Once I have all of the footage compiled together, I will edit it down into a film trailer, trying to mimic the style that was popular at the time. I even hope to export the final product in a 4:3 ratio, also known as ‘Academy’, in order to better emulate the style of film that I hope to create.

FMP Proposal

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