FMP Filming

I was finally able to film last week. My film required the use of the TV studio, and while it was booked out that day, the person who was meant to be filming there was missing their actor, this meant that I had the time to film my movie. However, as the slot that I got to film in was so unexpected. I wasn’t totally prepared for it. My script still needed to be printed off and I still needed to find an actor for one of the rolls. Luckily I had plenty of time in the day, and was able to get the script printed and find an actor to fill the roll. For my film I had:

Conor playing – Man

Tammy playing – Woman

Fin playing – Professor

The characters were un-named because as my film is a parody trailer for a B-Movie, it wasn’t necessary to name them.

The actual filming process went well, we had to do a few retakes at time as the actors occasionally laughed while reading their lines or felt that they could do a better performance and wanted to try again.

I also had the Greenscreen out during recording, I initially only intended to use it for a few shots, but it ended up being in all of them. We had to straighten the Greenscreen against the back wall as otherwise it would cast shadows and wouldn’t work. We didn’t have the manpower to do this on set, so instead we got a table and chair and used them to straighten it out and hold it in place. This seemed to work well, however I won’t know entirely how well it worked until I get to editing.

FMP Filming

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