FMP Editing

With all of my filming done, I was able to move onto the editing stage. For editing, I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I first of all checked my storyboard and script so see what order the scenes would go in. Then using the ‘Razor’ tool I cut the takes I wanted from the recordings and prepared to put them in order.

One thing that made this more difficult than previous films, was my decisison to use Greenscreen. This meant that I had to learn how Greenscreening worked and apply it to the necessary clips. Then I had to make sure that the clips lined up correctly, so you could see what was happening in the background. I found that while it was mostly all right, sometimes the Greenscreen would appear again in places, creating a splodge of green on the clip. As my film will be in black and white, this might actually help emulate the film grain/damaged film look that you see in a lot of movies from before and around the 50’s.

Another challenge that I will face in editing, will be creating a lazer effect for a scene. I will have to use Adobe After Effects, which I do not have much experience in. Luckily it will only be for one scene. So the edits shouldn’t be too time consuming.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.30.44

FMP Editing

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