FMP Daily Reflection

Today in class a lot of our focus was on editing. As I had all of my footage and audio, I began to arrange them in the order that I felt was best, however about halfway through this process I noticed that one of the music tracks I had chosen didn’t really fit with the video, and so I spend a bit of time trying to find a new one that would both work and would be about the right length. Unfortunatly I was unable to find an appropriate song during my search.

I also used Adobe After Effects CS6 today, which is the first time I’ve used it in a while. I was also using it for a very different purpose than I had been previously, but luckily I found a short tutorial online that showed me what I needed to do, and while I wasn’t 100% succesful in creating the effect that I needed to for the film, I did learn a lot about how After Effects works and I am much more confident in my ability now to get the effect done, than I was a few weeks ago.

FMP Daily Reflection

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